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I viewed an auction where in the terms and conditions regarding a firearm noted: “Failure to pass the background check will result in the buyer consigning the item to an upcoming auction.”

I would offer that is not the result. If a buyer is denied, that buyer has neither possession nor title, so there’s no way for that buyer to be the consignor.

When a firearm is consigned to an auctioneer and the high bidder is denied, the seller (still) has title and the auctioneer (still) has possession. A denial results in no change in that status.

We previously wrote about this issue here: https://mikebrandlyauctioneer.wordpress.com/2015/06/22/gun-buyer-at-auction-is-denied/ and it seemed like a good time to revisit this circumstance.

If the seller desired to repossess, he would have to pass a background check, or if the auctioneer maintained possession, the firearm could be sold again in an upcoming auction.

Additionally, a buyer of a firearm who is denied has a right to appeal the denial. It would be prudent for any auctioneer to maintain possession of the subject firearm until all appeals are exhausted.

Firearm laws are commonly misunderstood. This is not an area any auctioneer should unnecessarily risk liability with penalties up to $500,000 in damages and 10 years in prison. Competent attorney counsel would also be prudent.

As of this date, we’ve written dozens of times about firearms laws for auctioneers including here:

Generally, only Federal Firearms Licensees may engage in the business of selling firearms, and the only way a non-licensee auctioneer may sell firearms is via the Estate-type exemption, which means an onsite single seller auction where the firearms are sold to residents of that same state.

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